Mexican general & a Confederate cavalry cap,

A sling. We won't utter a word about my injury. They'll need every last minor grain of faith I can give them if we're to win our victory today over Parnum's outlaws. -That's good thinking, said Joseph. Can you move the fingers? -A little. -To handle a pistol? -Maybe. -Good. -Everything all right? Frank Taggart had just ridden up. The Paiutes & Deputy Tom O'Shay google were back with the captured horses. By dint of careful riding & stern guidance by the Paiutes, who knew every inch of this ground, they'd managed to get across fifteen miles of the rough country by moonlight without losing any to holes or rattlers. The moon had set only a half hour since but the stars still gave enough light to navigate by. -Am I right that just up ahead's our meeting point? Daniel asked. Frank Taggart straightened up in the saddle to look & said: -The grove of live oaks. That's right. It means we're just about a quarter mile from Parnum's property line, & the ranch is a mile further in. -And the dawn is rising. The darkness is our friend. Let's make all due haste. DUEL Daniel's horse, her black ears flickering, picked her way at a calm, stately, slow-swaying pace down the hard clay path amid thickets & tangled live oaks toward a solitary lean-to cabin half sunk into a linked here clay hillside, its mud-&-straw daub roof wisping vapor in the buy youtube views first blazing rays of sunrise. A small chimney set at a corner of the roof was gushing acrid woodsmoke. Looking straight ahead, Daniel Shalfin sat relaxed & straight in the saddle, holding the reins in his numbed right hand, his dark coat swinging open & his left hand resting on his thigh next to the tooled leather holster & the ivory grip of his Colt. As he approached the cabin, he saw dim lamp-glow through its single ungled window. Then, as the path turned, he glimpsed Joaquim Villa Lobos himself. The man was seated on a chair by the dark doorway. He wore the usual charro outfit, hat & boots -- his Spanish silver spurs glinting. He had his gunbelt strapped on & the holster tied to his lower right thigh with a leather thong. He'd leaned his chair back against the adobe wall & was meditatively smoking a pipe. So he had risen in the dark to put on his usual dandy gunhand attire & to sit by the door waiting -- for what? Maybe this was the man's usual morning ritual. Or maybe, hearing of the Wells Fargo robbery, he'd known what to expect, & who to expect it from. Next to his chair was a small three legged pine table, on it a steaming coffee pot & two tin mugs. Daniel reined up & sat the horse looking down at Villa Lobos. The man tilted his chair back down, so his boot heels touched the bare earth, then smartly tapped out his smoking pipe on the wall & laid it on the table. -So you've buy youtube views come, he said. Daniel's horse shifted buy youtube views but the straight line of his body did not. -I see you've provided refreshments. Villa Lobos waved his hand. -Dismount. Have some. Be at ease with your friends. Daniel swung down from his horse & looped the reins about a thorn bush wet with dew. The roof of the lean-to was now smoking with mist youtube in the sunlight but most of the yard was pitch dark & not far off he could hear the murmuring of a creek. A chicken clucked. He walked forward slowly & Villa